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WHICH BATTERY STORAGE SYSTEM IS RIGHT FOR ME ? Captain Green Offer The Best value Solar Power Systems On The Market And With 7 years In the business, Their great Reputation is just part Of their Success.   

Our Choice is the 5.2 Kilowatt Home Energy Solar Battery Package with 20 x 260 Watt Tier 1 Solar Panels + EPS ( Emergency Power Supply Backup in case of blackouts ) Hybrid SOLAX Inverter + LG Battery backup battery  installed from just $9,999

We rate this the best value Home Energy Battery Storage System. 

LG Is A proven Manufacturer With Over 70 years Experience And The Most Reliable Proven Products In The World.


Then there are the other new Comers with their own offerings And Reliability To Be Tested in The Future.

GCL Lithium Energy Storage Battery E-KwBe manufactured by GCL System Integration, allows you to optimize the use of your stored electricity in your home, reduce your energy bill even further and also reduce your carbon footprint.

GCL Battery Storage E-KwBe has a lifespan of up to 10 years. Multiple units can be added to create more stored energy and reduce your household’s dependency on fossil fuel. Smart energy saving technology that will  power your home safely and economically.

GCL offers a good size battery storage at 5.6 kilowatts which is a popular size battery especially when matched to a 5 kilowatt solar power system.





LG CHEM BATTERIES. Simply the best Battery Storage brand on the market. 

The LEG CHEM Energy Storage System  stores electricity for later consumption. Comes in the LG CHEM 3.3 KW battery.  The LG CHEM 6.5 KW Battery. THE LG CHEM 10 KW Battery. 400 volt high voltage with the SMA hybrid inverter and 48 low Voltage with the SOLAX inverter.



If your are running several appliances including your air conditioner and there is a high power draw, the High 400 volt  SMA hybrid will supply up to 5 kilowatts continuously per hour from your home energy storage system. So depending on the size of the battery will determine the time that you can run off your battery.

The low voltage home energy storage system with the SOLAX Inverter can supply up to 2.5 kilowatt per hour. This  means that you may have to switch off your air conditioner or shut down some appliances if you want to lengthen the time you are running  from your  battery system.  or you leave the air con on and you then take the extra power from the grid to keep your appliances running if required.

The low voltage system so far has been more popular as running the lights, TV, computers from your energy storage system you can run using the battery for longer.

please contact  us and we will call you to explain first hand about high and low voltage energy storage systems.


LG comes in 3 size batteries. 3.3 kilowatt LG battery. 6.5 Kilowatt LG battery. 10 Kilowatt LG battery. Using Lithium Ion pouch technology you get more power storage for less space. This is why the LG batteries are smaller than the TESLA battery. Plus you can use the greater portion of stored electricity of 90%





The proof is here. 5,000 Cycles for TESLA  6,000 cycles for LG CHEM.  The winner is LG CHEM. 

LG CHEM has a longer life by 1,000 cycle charges than TESLA


TESLA POWERWALL with a 6.5 Kilowatt battery and stores electricity generated by your solar panels and makes available your own stored electricity for use during the evening. Using AA Lithium Ion Batteries, antiquated technology versus the advanced pouch technology used by LG CHEM


A net zero energy rating is when your home produces as much electricity as it consumes. Though still connected to the grid for periods of high demand and when we have a period of rainy days.


In the event of a power outage, depending on your  appliances  combined power draw say for low voltage up to 2.5 kilowatts of electricity per hour, your battery system can power several appliances with an uninterrupted supply of electricity for as long as the battery can supply from its existing stored energy.

For example. If   TESLA POWERWALL can be used up to 80% of its rated power storage. The POWERWALL is rated at 6.5 kilowatts and fully charged, then deduct 20%

Then you have usable stored electricity of 5.2 kilowatt hours which could run your combined TV, computers and lighting for several hours. The length of time of electricity you can use will depend on the watts per hour each of your appliances are rated at base don factory default setting.

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Choosing the right Solar power and battery storage package is the best decision you will make in energy savings. We are at the beginning of this new energy battery storage industry and again seeing the same mistakes being made by people selecting the wrong operator and the incorrect products.

Contact us at Solar Quotes Sydney by email stating the system you are after or have been quoted, the pricing and the company and we will Check that you are receiving the correct pricing and we will then  contact you to ensure that your are being offered the correct sizing and pay the correct price.